What we offer

Goodsell Group Services

 Identity/Logo Treatments
 Branding – tagline, vision statement, customer “touchpoints”,

    corporate culture
 Graphic Design Standards
 Copy and/or Design of Folders, Brochures, Direct Mail Pieces and

   other collateral materials
 Sales Strategies
 Public Relations
 Speaker’s Bureau Development
 Media Training
 Relationship Marketing/Networking with Potential Customers

   /Referral Sources
 Event Development/Coordination/Promotion
 Development of Promotions
 Establishment of Strategic Alliances
 Evaluation of Philanthropic Giving/Opportunities
 Media Planning and Placement
 Radio and TV Commercials - Concept and Coordination

“Goodsell Group has gone further and done more for the branding of our company than a big city think tank with years of business development skill and cubicles of aggressively talented public relations experts could have done with years of planning, goal setting and charting…and all within our small town budget.  Lea’s company accurately positioned our company in the market on multiple levels with an integrated plan which included graphic design, copywriting, public relations, speaking opportunities and more.  Goodsell Group is truly our most valuable asset and has demonstrated this dozens of times in hundreds of ways.”


Vincent J. Battaglia,  

Renova Energy Corp.