Goodsell Group is the culmination of Lea Goodsell’s more than 25 years of experience in business development, branding, marketing, advertising and public relations.  All of these disciplines require creativity balanced with business acumen to achieve maximum results for clients.  It is the seamless integration of options drawn from all quarters that is the hallmark of Goodsell Group.

A PR firm believes that a client’s success is derived from well placed stories in the media – an ad agency from distinguished collateral.  Goodsell Group knows that the likely answer is a blending of many related strategies implemented following a customized dynamic blueprint.

Because the firm first understands short and long term goals and objectives for each client, the roadmap follows not just obvious paths, but will constantly evolve to keep up with key developments and learnings from the campaign and will lay out some very solid principles of what we know will make the campaign succeed.  Ultimately, it will be the key that links all components together to ensure that Goodsell Group is driving a fully integrated effort for long-term success and viability.

Goodsell Group has clients in many areas including educational, financial, healthcare, hospitality and non profit.  These include College of the Desert, Desert Orthopedic Center, Hotel Zoso, Guide Dogs of the Desert and several others.  We work with several outstanding firms for graphic design, web design, photography and printing to ensure that the final result is an integrated, effective blueprint for success.


Lea Goodsell


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